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  • How to incorporate cartoons into your content mix

    Now that you have a clear picture of all the reasons you should choose marketing cartoons for your marketing strategies, you need to it perfectly. But how do these marketers and startup strategists incorporate cartoons into their content mix? This is what I am about to reveal here. 

    Limit the jokes

    Cartoons are the best because they are the only way to say something that you wouldn’t say in another way. Though, Humor breaks through the noise which doesn’t guarantee you to make jokes at the expense of the audience. I Am convinced that there’s something disarming about cartoon humor because there’s fun in it. This is what gives you a little bit of permission but just know customers can see anything they want to see but there’s some limitation. 

    Don’t be afraid to own your creative-side projects

    Your creative side projects lead to advancement at your day job. Creativity has no limits and hence it means you should invest as much energy to your side projects and add some creativity on your online content.