A long time ago in a far away galaxy , I decided to be an entrepreneur. Many businesses later, after years in asia importing gifts and advertising novelties , I wondered what I could market  without a great investment in monies.  Well after seeing a top ten list of wealthy individuals and how they made money ( candy, real estate, newspapers), I realized that information of a sort was a perfect vehicle as  I knew nothing about candy except eating it, or real estate a I didnt have millions already, or printing presses.

What  I did have was a decent marketing knowledge, sales ability and the understanding of hiring freelancers to help me build my dream.

Over the years I had hired artists, photographers, printers , writers , sales people  and understood motivations, web designers etc. 

So here are a few rules I developed.

  • no partners
  • don't sign anything your not forced to 
  • don't give upfront money if you can help it. 
  • be precise in your description of work needed. 
  • don't change things midstream
  • don't be afraid to change things !!!
  • don't hire family. ( sorry bro ! ) 
  • do it on the cheap - 
  • don't borrow from a credit card.
  • pay sales people fairly and give big commissions

  • I'll think of more tomorrow.....


How its made 

Programs that are very helpful - tips and other stuff.

First, if you get started on a website - it never will end. Google loves to see new content.  I had grand ideas for a simple 5 page site and its approaching 30  - 40 pages due to content of cartoons 240 + and counting. I wanted to do print on demand  of t shirts and coffee mugs but had the idea for years to sell the cartoons for website , blog, email and newsletter content first.  Its at least 40 hours to do a good basic website. Not so much the design as most good web builders do it for you . I use Mozello.com  , a European company that gives you 12 months free to play around !  Others that  I recommend that are easy are wix.com and for real simple sites  try pagexl.com - a great single page builder  free to try and starting at only  2 euros a month!   

Wix is semi automatic to build a site using artificial intelligence ( really ) but has limits.  Mozello - is extremely easy to se and very fast loading , especially if you learn to use a "CDN" cloudflare.com.  I suggest optimizing images to make them small using  Shortpixel.com  and of course my favorite program to add watermarks on your photos of your products = Visualwatermark.com. Ivan the developer answers support questions quikly and  has helped me tremendously . His program is fast and efficient. It even adds metadata to your photos. 

And an honorable mention to my webhost IONOS.com - great support - fast . 

A great blog about cartoons : https://blog.feedspot.com/cartoon_blogs/

Fiverr.com is great for inexpensive help but remember most freelancers have poor reading comprehension. 

Remember alot of time is doing the small details - add keywords everywhere allowed and meta titles and meta descriptions for SEO.  Backlinks take a lot of time - whats important is good content and good backlinks  - not quantity.